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In today’s competitive business world a clean and presentable office space is essential to the productivity level of your employees. In addition to the positive effect on productivity, when customers visit, a clean presentable office area will leave them with a positive impression of your facility. Having a janitorial cleaning checklist will provide you with the ability to stay on top of every area of cleanliness.Modern office with computers and lighting

While having to meet deadlines, satisfy customer’s needs and the day to day responsibility of running a business it’s easy to overlook cleanliness. With your own customized janitorial cleaning checklist, you’ll be able to monitor the level of service provided by your commercial cleaning service. You’ll want to make sure you are receiving the agreed upon specifications as outlined in the service contract.

Ensure Quality

Some cleaners believe they can rush through the cleaning of an office facility. By hitting the main areas and skipping over the detailed work, they believe their job is complete.  As a business owner or manager, it’s important to stay on top of any inferior work until the inadequacies are corrected. Using a checklist will ensure you are getting what you pay for. The level of cleaning required is dependent on the traffic flow that each area of the facility receives.

Since no two offices are alike, an office with a larger workforce may require an increase in the frequency of some cleaning duties and an office area that has fewer personnel may need a decrease in the frequency cleaning duties; both situations can have an effect on your cleaning budget. Utilizing a customized cleaning checklist enables you the ability to prioritize the level of cleaning required for each area.

Workforce Quality Control

The individuals providing the cleaning for each area of a facility need to receive proper training prior to performing their assigned duties. To ensure quality, each member of the cleaning staff should be issued a janitorial cleaning checklist for their assigned areas. Team members are able to monitor their own work by using the checklist in a final inspection. If you are using a commercial cleaning service, it would be a good idea to make sure they provide the required training and are using a final inspection checklist.

Janitorial Cleaning Checklist         

When you contract a commercial cleaning service, you expect to receive the level of cleaning you’re paying for. Most, if not all, proposals you receive will include a list of items, areas and the frequency that each will be performed. Many times the specifications list is not very detail oriented. If you do not have a janitorial cleaning checklist, you are more than welcome to use the specifications provided below:

Daily Cleaning
The entry and reception area are where your customer’s first impression is determined. You want this area to always be neat, clean and welcoming.  As previously stated, a clean and presentable office space is essential to the productivity level of employees. The cleaning specifications for entry and office areas should include the following:

General Cleaning

  • Remove all trash from serviced areas and deposit in a designated area
  • Replace trash can liners and clean outside as needed
  • Wipe clean all desktops with disinfectant. Paperwork on desks shall not be disturbed
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces; desks, chairs, tables and misc. furniture, eye level and below
  • Dust all office machines. (Includes computer monitors, copy, and fax machines)
  • Remove cobwebs from corners and edges in the entryway and surrounding areas
  • Empty paper shredders
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas and walk-off mats
  • Sweep all non-carpeted floor surfaces and wet mop with disinfectant
  • Spot clean doors, walls, and light switches
  • Spot clean entry doors and clean glass

Break Areas

  • Wipe clean and sanitize break room tables
  • Clean and sanitize counter and sink area
  • Clean inside and outside of microwave oven with approved chemical
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas and walk-off mats
  • Sweep all non-carpeted floor surfaces and wet mop with disinfectant


Clean all restrooms to include the following:

  • Clean and sanitize fixtures, basins, countertops and all dispensers and polished fittings
  • Clean and polish mirrors
  • Sanitize toilets and toilet seats
  • Wet mop floors with a disinfectant cleaning solution
  • Remove spots, stains, and splashes from wall areas adjacent to hand basins and toilets
  • Dust and wipe down doors and partitions
  • Empty all trash containers and replace liners wipe down exterior as needed
  • Replenish all paper products and fill soap dispensers
  • Report any fixtures not working properly

Weekly Cleaning

  • Clean and disinfect telephones
  • Dust picture frames and surfaces above eye level
  • Remove cobwebs from all remaining areas beyond the entry/reception area

Monthly Cleaning

Monthly cleaning items can vary depending on each facility’s needs. The following will give you a general idea:

  • Vacuum upholstered furniture. Wipe clean plastic and leather furniture
  • Dust Venetian blinds
  • Dust light fixtures and ceiling vents
  • High- speed buff all VCT

There is quarterly and annual cleaning to be accomplished as well.  Some items would be carpet extraction or dry powder cleaning, strip and wax VCT, clean ceramic tile and grout, vacuum ceiling vents and maintain other types of flooring. For a blank cleaning checklist to customize to your needs.

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In Conclusion

The janitorial cleaning checklist includes the minimum requirements to keep your facility clean and presentable for your workforce as well as customers. The list is completely customizable to meet your specific needs. The frequency of certain tasks can be adjusted depending on the workforce traffic and the size of the facility.

It can be difficult to find a janitorial cleaning service that consistently provides a quality product. You need a service that is dedicated to getting it right for you – not just the first time – but every time. Use the above specifications list to ensure your current commercial cleaning company is completing the basic duties required to maintain your facility.

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